Formal Evening Wear, Special Occasion Dresses and Mothers Dresses

The name Mignon has been one of distinction on Fashion Avenue for more than a half a century. Residing at the helm of the family business, Vincent and Ankur strike a fresh balance between classic evening wear and modern sensibility, with the launch of Mignon Fashions. For the premiere collection, the label collaborates with Christyne Forti bringing together glamorous and accessibly priced evening wear. Their collaboration indulges in feminine fabrics and delicate detailing bringing glamorous dressing to every woman's life.

Mignon creates innovative and luxurious dresses that are breathtaking with intricate beadwork, accented necklines with glittering crystals and sequins and fabric that flows and turns with every step a woman takes on or off the red carpet. Mignon designs each dress with painstaking attention to detail as each twist in the fabric, each gemstone placed, each ruffle in the skirt combines into a living work of art for you to wear.