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Are those jingle bells ringing or is it the sound of you trying to scrap up some more coins in your wallet? The season of giving is here! Having trouble giving some thought into what presents to get? Whether it is for an engaged couple, a pair of newlyweds, or two lovebirds celebrating their anniversary, here are gift ideas for her, him and them that will make you go from no, no, no to Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa better watch out, because you’ll be the one bringing the joy this year.




1) Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Sometimes it’ll be alarm bells, not wedding bells, ringing. Bridesmaids, make sure you have an emergency kit on hand to prevent those wedding day meltdowns. Give your bride a big of goodies: snacks to prevent crankiness or nerves, tissues for tears, lipstick and make up for touch up, a place to store her phone and more!  


2) A dress can make a huge dent on a bride’s purse. (Or an ugly smudge of buyer’s remorse that will take forever to wipe off.). Was there a specific veil or headpiece she was gaga-eyed over? Save her some dough and chip in with a few friends to give her a crown to match that gown!

3) A life of planning for the wedding and the married life after can be tough. Hand her a book of quotes to keep her inspired.


4) Does she have a sweet tooth so big that the tooth fairy has to cringe? Chocolate. Ice cream. Cake. Enough said.


5) When you look good, you feel good. Make her your feel her best by treating her to a spa day. Massage, nails, hair -- the works!


6) A gift to Victoria’s Secret. That way she can keep her purchases a secret from you, too. (Hey, it could be cute sweats or pajamas!)  


7) Are you clutch? You’ll be a clutch friend if you get her a cute one to go to a rehearsal dinner with.


8) You might as well accessorize her entire outfit! If you got her a nice clutch, you might as well toss in a necklace, too.


9) And maybe some earrings while you’re at it.


10) A pair of helping hands. Is she going to splurge at IKEA and needs a buddy while she spruces up her home? Everyone appreciates a friend who can be there, and all it will cost is a few hours and elbow grease.  



1) Not to be stereotypical, because a lot of modern woman know how to work their way around the toolshed, but when in doubt, give him some big boy toys so he’ll have a handy set if the faucet ever needs tightening. Men like to feel useful.


2) Does he consider himself a grill god? Give him a customized, mighty scepter (read: spatula) to rule over the burgers and hot dogs with! Or a nice chef hat or apron.


3) Speaking of customization, for the days he needs to look snazzy, a pair of monogrammed cufflinks should do the trick.


4) Tickets to a game for his favorite sports team! So he can bring his girl on a date…or if he needs to escape with his bros.


5) Does your guy like gadgets? Keep him up to date with a bundle of useful apps. Mostly inexpensive, but practical.


6) Don’t let the kid in him die. Check out this Lego-inspired mug! He can start putting the pieces of his day together over a cuppa’ Joe.


7) Now that No-Shave November is over, it’s time for some facial manscaping. Get him a grooming kit and aftershave to trim those whiskers.


8) Does he need another way to kill some boredom while he’s out and about? Get this him handy-dandy, portable table tennis set so he can play games on the go.


9) Is he an adventurer? Gear him up! Backpacks, compasses, Swiss Army knives galore!


10) Sometimes the best gift is a hint. Hasn’t taken his lady out in a while? Give him a menu of her favorite place in town. (And maybe a gift card if they have any.)




1) Two lovebirds need a place to store their keys? Get them this nifty key holder. Who says cute can’t be practical?


2) Sappiness aside, you can go to the craft store and get them a mail box…specifically for love letters. They can take time to leave each other notes and messages. Who knows? Your gifts could prevent a handful of fights in the future.


3) Everyone needs a nice photo album. Find a themed one to help them collect their memories.


4) Mr. and Mrs. Bathrobes. Tacky, but charming.


5) Don’t want to spend too much? Why not a pair of DIY mugs?


6) What’s a sweeter gift than a date in a basket? Buy a picnic basket and fill it with goodies: wine, dessert, snacks and more so your favorite couple can take it and go.


7) Did your buddies just move into a new home? Help them settle in with different appliances and wares. You can never go wrong with pots and pans or a coffee machine.


8) A little personalization makes a huge difference. Monogrammed pillows or other decorative items bring a nice touch into their home.


9) The married life can be a challenge. Bring a little laughter into their lives with two tickets to dinner at a comedy club!

10) Sometimes the best gifts are free -- offer to watch the kids!


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