Remembering September 11th! Where were you?

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September 11th as the day the United States of America realized that we are not invincible. But with that realization also came a day where American came togetheras a nation to grieve the loss of our innocence and the lives of our loved ones.Forever in history, today wil be marked as a day of remembrance. So as our nation comes together once again on this September 11th, we here at Patricia South's Bridal would like to take a moment to share our own personal memories and feelins from this day 14 years ago.   

Kate- I was in 10th grade in 2nd period with Mrs.M in Honors Geometry, that's when principle announced on the intercom and told the entire school to turn on the television. We watched the 2nd tower get hit. During 3rd period in Mr. Lawson's class and we watched the towers collapse. I was terrified and scared for the country.

Lynette- I was living in Ecuador at the time, I saw Mima (my mother) gasp and almost pass out on the couch, when I asked her what was wrong all she did was point to the tv.We saw live when the second tower was hit...we could also see how people were so desperate jumping from the buildings, I will never forget that day, until then Americathought it was invinsible and they hit us right where it hurt, even if you didn't loose anyone close you still felt the pain and loss.

Lisa- At the time I was on a women's bowling league.. And didn't know what to think!! I do remember all my league girls freaking out

as we watched the news unfold!!! Then the plane went into the second tower!! I knew something was very wrong then!!!! Then the pentagon!!!

OMG!!!! It was devastating!! The feeling of seeing those people jumping out of those towers to their death will always be forever remembered

in my mind as the worst thing I hope to ever see in my life!!! GOD BLESS us all!!

Deborah- I was in Georgia, just went back there to live, my husband at the time was in the military. The hardest part was later realizing how

vulnerable we are and watching our own loved ones fight and die for us.

Veulsie-  I was still living in Haiti, so I did not know much about the attack until I moved to the USA years later. And even then it was still heart breaking.

Oshane- I was in 5th grade and at the time I didn't fully understand what was going on, until that summer when I traveled to Jamaica to see my family.

I was afraid to fly and I didn't want to be on a plane, I was uncomfortable with the idea that I could be next.


 Krystal- I was in 4th Grade living in Maryland PG County area and before class had even started one of the girls in my class was called to the office for early release.At that point I was curious as to what was going on, which I wouldn't find out until my god family and my sisters and I were picked up from school during lunch and I heard two teachers in the hallway talking about the two towers being hit. My father is a metro driver in DC and drives past the white house and all throughout the city I was worried for his safety and was praying that he wouldnt get caught in any of the aftermath if they attacked the capital.

Where were you?




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