Picture Perfect: Fun Wedding Photos

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Wedding photos. They can be time-consuming, they can leave you feeling stiff and stuffy in your iron-starched tuxedo jacket and they can leave you awkwardly wondering if your arm flab shows in your bridesmaid dress. As the bride and groom, you worry about the fact your bridal party is tired from standing at the ceremony and probably only focused on dinner at the reception. How do you get a cranky crowd to cooperate for a series of snapshots? Have fun!

The process doesn’t have to be an ordeal of stiff smiles, straight backs and posed perfection. The best memories are the ones filled with laughter. Want the biggest smile for when you look back on your big day? Get your photographer to try out these picture perfect ideas!

The Evolution of the Groom

Chronicle the journey from singlehood Neanderthal to polished hubby.

(Photo source: Blog of Francesco Mugnai)


Get to Know Your Girls

A cute and chic way to incorporate some chalkboards! How did you meet the bride?

(Photo Source: Brides of Adelaide)

Keep it Kid-Friendly

Eew…please, no cooties! A charming way to get the flowergirls and ringbearer into the act. They'll love acting like kissing is icky.

(Photo source: Jennifer Bagwell Photography)

Girls Do it Better

Who said  ladies have to be classy?

(Photo Source: Miller Miller Photography)

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend…?

Or so they say. Have your groom show off his ring to his bros.

(Photo Source: Bridal Guide)

Wedding Can Be Warfare

Love is a battlefield. Luckily, you have your spouse by your side!

(Photo Source: 500 PX)


Don't make this Bridezilla angry.

(Photo Source: 500 PX)

Jurassic Matrimony

Don’t walk down the aisle…RUN!

(Photo Source: BBC)


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